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Applications Golden Dust and Native Gold

Portocol Gold Celular Revitalization

It can be applied to any high cosmetic treatment.

Example of an antiaging treatment for face, neck and bust

  1. Clean the treated zone with rose water, or tonic if there is need for remove make-up.
  2. Apply some drops of native gold over face, neck and bust
  3. Apply eye and lips elixir
  4. Apply an small amount of Beauty Elixir and make a soft draining massage in the 
entire área, until it is absorved.
  5. Prepare the Peel Off Golden Mask as explained in the application method and apply it with an spatula and leave it for 20 minutes.
  6. While the mask makes effects, make a soft massage on the head and neck
  7. Remove the Golden Dust cleanly.
  8. Finish the treatment with a soft massage using the Beauty Elixir.


Treatment duration:60 minutes

Home treatment: native gold, eye and lips elixir and beauty elixir morning and night.

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