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The Feared Cellulite

The feared cellulite

90% of women in our geographical area are genetically predisposed to cellulite. In other breeds such as the Nordic or black, the incidence is much lower, this shows that cellulite is linked, among other things, to hereditary and constitutional factors. However the genetic factor alone does not lead to cellulite unless one or more of the following factors are present.

Hormonal factors:

They are obvious if you consider that affects more to the female population. The incidence of cellulitis increases in significant phases of hormonal cycle as puberty, postpartum, menopause, and when you are taking birth control pills.

Dietary factors:

Although there is a clear relationship between overeating and weight gain, this is not so clear in the case of cellulite, because we all know some obese woman who has no cellulite and some skinny with it. So this proves that cellulite is more related to toxic habits (alcohol, coffee, snuff) and digestive disorders like constipation, instead to overfeed.

Postural factors:

An exaggeration in the curvature of the lower back causes various disorders in the body, such as head and neck forward and a bulging abdomen. These distorted postures are another producer causes of cellulite.

Psychological factors:

Experience tells us that affects most women emotionally unstable, with anxiety, suffering from insomnia, this is because some substances of the nervous system are increased in certain cases of distress, appear to influence the distribution of fat in the body.
Finally do not forget that stress, fatigue, inactivity and lack of exercise are also reasons that incentive the appearance of cellulite.

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